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Artificial Intelligence

MIAAI (Medical Image Analysis & Artificial Intelligence) at Danube Private University in Austria

Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging

MIAAI - Medical Image Analysis & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging field of research that includes both classical machine learning and deep learning (DL).


Computer algorithms inspired by the functioning of human intelligence, such as complex neural networks, are used to analyse complicated data.

Medical imaging is a very promising clinical application of AI. Classical machine learning techniques are often used together with the computation of predefined radiomics features.


However, deep learning using deep neural networks is increasingly being used in automated image analysis. This usually requires larger datasets, but here it automatically extracts features from complex medical images instead of predefined radiomics features, and often yields gains in diagnostic accuracy.

Although DL methods are computationally intensive, they can be accelerated by high-performance computing and parallel computing techniques.

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